Saturday, 26 July 2014

Terellia longicauda

Worth looking around the flowers of Woolly Thistles for the distinctive fly Terellia longicauda which lays its eggs in the head, here at Mowsbury Hill. (longicauda translates roughly as "long tail"). Alan Outen thinks may be a first county record.

Here's a hopeful male hangling around too:

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Palomena prasina?

On an oak leaf near Wilstead I spotted this clutch of eggs on 14th July. Bernard and Sheila suspect they may be Palomena prasina the Green Shieldbug.

On 20th July this is how they look now. Can't help but call them "minions"! (Created from a photo stack using CombineZP).

Glad I photographed them when I did because only about 6 hours later this is how they looked:

And nearly 20 hours later they are now in a huddle. No idea why they are doing this rather than feeding. Maybe time will tell. (Yes they are still alive as I've gently prodded a couple).

(I've now googled this behaviour and found this link which suggests they may do this until they turn into 2nd instar which may take a week or more).