Monday, 14 January 2013

Not a wasp then?

I was awoken from dozing at my desk at work today by a loud buzzing and clicking of an insect trying to knock itself unconscious by repeatedly crashing into the light. Thinking it was a wasp I left to fetch a large glass and returned to find colleagues admiring this Hawthorn Shieldbug crawling around on the ceiling.

I'm not sure what happened to the wasp...

It's a moth then?

Stumbled across an insect yesterday while doing scrub management at Yelnow New Wood. I showed it to fellow volunteers, one of whom said "it looks like a moth" but I knowlingly pointed out that it couldn't be because it had no wings. I only had my 'phone with me so took this grainy snap:

Once I got home and checked against a few references I found that it was of course a moth, a Mottled Umber, a female, and wingless (so I got that bit right at least!). Funnily enough I read that it has a flight period of Oct-Dec, which must be tricky without wings!